Sev7n Sponsorship

Use the form below to apply for sponsorship with Sev7n. Sponsorship has many benefits, including promotion of you and your vehicle, complimentary Sev7n products, product discounts for you and your family, complimentary shows, and more. Our sponsorship levels listed below are achieved based on your successful representation of the Sev7n brand. Upon acceptance to the sponsorship program you will receive details on how to attain each sponsorship level and how to maintain your sponsorship.

Sponsorship Rules:
  • You cannot represent any other clothing brands
  • Tag all pictures on social media featuring the Sev7n brand
  • Use hashtags #Sev7n and #livethedream as part of your social media tagging
  • Post a Sev7n brand picture once per week. This can include Sev7n gear, you wearing Sev7n gear, or Sev7n logos
  • Place our web url ( in your Instagram bio and other social media bio's
  • Wear Sev7n gear, at least a shirt or hat, at events
  • Represent yourself well and respectfully. Your actions in and out of events will effect the reputation of the Sev7n brand
  • Keep up with industry trends and keep your vehicle and professional skills current, as you will be re-evaluated for sponsorship each year
Sev7n Girl Dana
Please fill out as much information as you can on the form below:

Please allow us some time to review your application. If you are accepted, we will require you to submit more detailed information regarding your professional career and your vehicle details.