"Fishing has been there for me when life threw me a curveball"
Take it from Parker, fishing change his life. "My fishing journey started in Northern California fishing the delta and local reservoirs to Washington state and Arizona.

Kayak Tips

1. Invested into a good paddle and kayak fishing gear, accessories etc. your paddle is basically your motor. 

  • Practice paddling with just one arm. If you can paddle with one arm, this will help you steer your kayak away from obstacles or prevent a large fish from taking you out into the current. Position the oar handle along your forearm and steer using the paddle.

2. Finding the fish is all about time on the water, experiment with different bodies of water. This may take time but it will be well worth it.

  • In windy conditions or in areas of stronger current, remember to stay close to the shoreline. Since kayaks have very little draft, you can head towards the skinny water and it will be much easier for you to navigate.

3. Master your Craft, it can be easy just casting a pole but doing it in a kayak can be sometimes hard. Then what about when you hook that big one and NO not a Tree. Hook set and much more can make a kayak easy to make you go swimming. "Kayak fishing can get frustrating and difficult at times but you have to grind through the rough days on the water and you will get rewarded for your efforts!"

  •  Your first time casting from a kayak will probably feel a little awkward. The kayak is going to wobble around which might have you believe it is unstable and ready to flip. It might sound easier said than done, but you have to remember to relax and trust your kayak for what it was built for. 

    • Use versatile, easy-to-fish lures. This reduces retying and re-rigging, which means you make more casts in the day and catch more fish because of it.
    • Locate fish using search baits, like spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and crankbaits. After catching active fish, backtrack with a small jig, drop-shot or other finesse bait to coax more bites from less active ones.
    • Change tactics to target different species before leaving an area. Kitchen carries three to five rod and reel combos for fast change-ups between species.
    • Troll from a kayak to cover water or as an alternative to casting.



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